How to add user specific fee rule

About the Rule:

If you want to add fee based on user-specific conditions then, we can use this rule. 

You may add fee rules for a particular user or user role if using our plugin. 

How it works:

Consider a scenario where you want to add fee for your products to your ‘ reseller’ type of customers at a extra fee than normal customers. 
For example – Fee for customers is $20 and for resellers, you want to make it $15. 
This is possible with the help of user-based conditional fee rules.

You just have to create 2 rules – one for customers and another for resellers.

Mention the shipping fee for each in these separate rules and save the method. Your goal is achieved.

Example:  Applying fee rules for users with user role as ‘Editor’

Screenshot 1: (Admin: User based extra fee rule)

How to add user specific fee rule

Screenshot 2: (Extra Fees front side view)

Do you want to apply extra fee to your editors if they shop from your store?

It is an easy task with our plugin for the WooCommerce plugin. 

Choose ‘ user role’ from the left drop-down in the Add fee rules section and add ‘editor’ role in the empty right-side box. 

Now, add the fee which you want to charge from your editors and save your settings.