How to add city based fee

Using this option you can add city based fee by adding the city postcode/zip codes.

For e.g.: If you have Country C and city City-1, City-2, City-3

There are three-way you can add postcode/ zip code per city.

Then, you can create the fee zone as  City-1, City-2, City-3 by adding the list of city postcodes in default zone section.

  1. The specific set of postcodes (one per line) Eg: 253578
  2. Wild Cards (*) Support – When you want to use all postcodes of the particular region then used this option.Eg: CW8*, XY7*
  3. Postcodes Ranges – When you want to apply the shipping method for the particular range of postcode then these features used. like 380001 – 380030

For example, you can set a local zone with a specific set of postcodes (one per line); a range of postcodes (e.g. 90210…99000), or use wildcards (e.g. CB23*).

Step - 1:

Step - 2:

Step - 3: