Introduction of Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce

The Advanced flat rate shipping method for WooCommerce Plugin is a useful aid for those WooCommerce store owners who are willing to charge a fixed amount of money (or flat rate change) for shipping their products while applying different conditions on the cart.

This plugin is a comprehensive solution for charging flat rate shipping rates. From location to products, categories, cart, weight, quantity, variable product, and more, you can create singular as well as combinational methods for your e-commerce stores while using it.

This WooCommerce Plugin will only work when you will manually create shipping methods and add the right rules to them as per your store’s needs. It will not work automatically to resolve your issue, just on installing it.

Key Feature Highlights

  • Shipping Charges Based On Country, State, and Zipcode
  • Shipping Charges Based On Custom Zone
  • Shipping method based on product
  • Shipping method based on category
  • Shipping method based on tag
  • Shipping method based on SKU
  • Shipping method based on product attributes
  • Shipping method based on specific users
  • Shipping method Based on user role
  • Shipping method based on cart subtotal
  • Shipping method based on total cart quantity
  • Shipping method based on total cart’s weight
  • Shipping method based on shipping class
  • Shipping method based on coupon
  • Advanced Shipping Price Rules (Table Rate Shipping) 

    • Cost on Product
    • Cost on Product Subtotal
    • Cost on Product Weight
    • Cost on Category
    • Cost on Category Subtotal
    • Cost on Category Weight
    • Cost on Total Cart Qty
    • Cost on Total Cart Weight
    • Cost on Total Cart Subtotal
    • Cost on Shipping Class Subtotal
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