How to install and Activate DotStore Plugins?

The DotStore is a repository of WooCommerce and WordPress plugins, and it hosts free and premium plugins in the same space. 
For finding out the plugin of your choice, you may check the Plugins page, look for it on the home page of the DotStore, check its category sections within the plugin page and go through multiple pages of these sections. 

How to install and Activate DotStore Plugins?

Now, there are two types of plugins in this plugin store –
  • Free Plugins
  • Premium Plugins
For the free plugins in DotStore’s listing, you find the option of ‘Download’, and for the premium plugins, there will be an option to ‘Buy Now’. 

thedotstore Product page

In case you have selected a free plugin, you can directly click on Download from here. However, for buying a plugin, click on the Buy now button. 
Whether you choose Download or Buy now, you will be redirected to the page, which details the buyers/users about the plugin they’ve selected for their WordPress or WooCommerce website. You can scroll down on this page to read more about the plugin.

Mass pages Post Creator

If your chosen plugin is free, just click on the ‘Download Now’ button. You will be redirected to the WordPress plugin directory. From there, you can easily download the desired plugin. Additionally, you may take a demo session of these plugins before making up your mind about them. Select ‘Live demo’ if you want that.
On the other hand, if the chosen plugin is from the premium category, the page will have a Buy Now button.
Clicking on this button will open a popup on your screen. 

Dotstore Checkout Process

From here, you may take Annual or Lifetime subscription for the plugin as per your needs. 
Also, WordPress website or shop owners can select whether they want a single site license, a 5-site license or an unlimited sites license (from the top of the pop-up). We would suggest consultants, multi-site owners, and developers go for unlimited site license, while the owners of 1-5 sites should take the relevant license (single site or 5 sites licenses). The cost of the plugin will depend on these aspects too.
The next thing you need to do is, filling your email address, first name, last name, payment method related details, and address-related fields.
Accepted payment methods are PayPal and credit/debit cards. (Visa, Master, American Express and Discover). 
DotStore utilizes Freemius for making the purchase process easy and smooth for its customers. Alongside, its payment channel is McAfee Secure, PayPal verified and Comodo Secure. In short, you can trust our payment process and continue for the transaction without worrying.
After the completion, your payment pop-up for the purchase of WooCommerce/WordPress plugin will look like this - 

dotstore buynow buttons

Once the form is filled, click on ‘Review Order’.

Review Order

The ‘review order’ page will show you the order summary. If all is fine up to here, click on ‘ Pay and Subscribe’.
Once the payment is successful, this popup will be visible on your screen –

Pay and Subscribe’.

At this point, an email containing the details such as plugin’s download key, license key, and instructions for the plugin installation will be sent to your registered email address. So, check your inbox. 
The received email should look similar to this 


This email has login details, link, account details, attachments for your help in using the plugin, email address of the plugin, payment confirmation details, key, and other such important details.
Coming back to part 1, it contains the main instructions regarding the installation and activation of the plugin


It comprises –
  • If you are using Apple’s Safari browser, it extracts the zip files automatically. So, in order to download the zip file without decompression, you must have to disable its default zip extraction settings. If you know the process, do it. If not, click on the link in step 1, learn how to disable it and do the needful before proceeding towards downloading the plugin.
  • Step 2 has a link to download the WordPress or WooCommerce plugin you’ve purchased. Click on the link to download the zip file.
  • The third step has a quick video on how to install and activate plugins from DotStore. You can use this link and learn the process faster if it looks necessary to you.
  • The license key for your plugin is given in Step 4. You will need it while activating the plugin for your website or shop, so copy and save it somewhere.
The next section has the login details for the DotStore account of yours. There, you can find all the purchases, related information, keys, zip files, and other such information in one place.
Now, go to your WordPress admin dashboard, and navigate to Plugins > Add New page.

Add plugin in wordpress

Click on ‘Choose file’ here, and upload the plugin zip as you’ve downloaded in the previous step. It will take a few seconds or some minutes before you see the ‘Plugin installed successfully’ message on this web page. So, patiently wait for the process to complete

Installing Plugin

Once the installation is successful, click on the ‘ Activate Plugin’ button. 

The alternate method for enabling the plugin is – Click on the Plugins link, present on the left side of the dashboard. Here, search for the respective plugin’s name and click on enable.
On the next screen, or on clicking the name of the plugin from the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, you will see a space for adding the license key, as –

freemius popup

In this space, fill the activation key as you received in the email from DotStore.
In the end, select the ‘Agree & Activate License’ option. It will activate your plugin.
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