Where can I download the plugin?

Once the payment process is completed, DotStore plugins can be downloaded from anywhere. Not just immediately, you can download your plugins for whole the duration plugin isn’t expired.
There are two ways to download the purchased WooCommerce and WordPress plugins from the DotStore, as described here –

Case 1 – Through Upgrade email

When you make the payment for a plugin, DotStore automatically sends an email to the buyer’s registered email address. This email will resemble the one, as we’ve shown below –

Through Upgrade email

Figure  - Case 1 - Plugin Purchase Confirmation Email from DotStore with Download Link
The email comprises numerous details related to the plugin you’ve purchased. 
From the download link of the plugin to license activation key, installation instructions, activation instructions, explainer video, DotStore account credentials, account details and payment confirmation – it has everything you need to download and install the plugin.
So, simply click on the link to download the plugin from this email and download your plugin.
If you are not sure where the download link in the email is, see this image with annotations –

Email with Download link (with annotations)

Figure  - Case 1 - Email with Download link (with annotations)

Case 2 – From DotStore Account

It is not always possible to have the confirmation email readily available for accessing. Sometimes, you decide to download the plugin after many days of making the purchase, and therefore, may have deleted or lost the email. So, what to do in such a scenario?
Well, you can still download your purchased WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, if you’d selected DotStore as your plugin seller.
All you need to do is – Visit the DotStore website, logging into your DotStore account and downloading your plugin from the dashboard. Let us tell you the process for it, now.
First of all click on the ‘Account’ button, present in the top-right corner of the DotStore. Alternatively, you can visit the registration page directly, by clicking this link.
By now, you must have reached this page –

Dotstore Login

Figure  - Case 2 - Login Page of DotStore
Enter your email address and password to login to your DotStore account from here.
If you have forgotten your password, or have never logged in to the account before, use the most relevant one of the two options, given below the login form. Thereafter, follow the steps to get a password so that you could log in.
Once logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard of your account. 
From the left-sidebar, click on the ‘Downloads’ button. One it loads, you will see a webpage, similar to this – 

dotstore login2

Figure  - Case 2 - Downloads Page in the DotStore Buyer Dashboard
On the Downloads page of your DotStore account, you will be able to see the list of plugins, you’ve purchased till the date. In the last cell of each row, dedicated to these plugins, you must be seeing the links to download the latest available version of the plugin.
Now, find out the plugin’s name, which you want to download and click on the download button for that plugin. If you have downloaded so many plugins from the DotStore that it has become tough to find out the needed plugin, you can use the search box to find it out.
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