Support Related Queries

1. Are there any self-help resources that I could see before actually accessing out to your team?

You should first refer to the product description, product FAQs, product documentation and other online resources we have added to our website. If you still don’t find a solution, please contact our support team without hesitating.  

2. How may I contact your support team?

There are 3 ways to reach out to DotStore support team:

i. Use this form and submit a support ticket. We will get back to you at the earliest.

ii. Email us your concern or query at One of our representatives will soon respond to it.

iii. If you have a DotStore account, use the live chat option to get your problem resolved immediately. However, make sure that you are reaching out to us in our operational hours.

3. How much time does DotStore take in responding?

From Monday to Friday [10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (IST)], we are operational – provided, it is not a special occasion or holiday. In this duration, we respond to your query within 12 to 24 hours. However, if it is taking time in resolution of your problem, we will let you know and give you a timeline for finding its solution so that you don’t have to waste.

4. Are there any norms to follow while writing an email or sending support tickets to the DotStore team?

You should include information, such as:

Name of plugin/product.

Your concern – A detailed description alongside screenshots/pictures if possible.

The solutions you have tried already.

Provide the system report and system logs following by the below screenshot.

1. Get system report: (View fullscreen)

2. Get System logs: (View fullscreen)

5. Can you give me a demo of your product before I make the final purchase? How may I send a request for the same?

Why not. And, it required no assistance. Just open the plugin product description page or plugin dashboard (in case you’ve purchased a plugin already) and you will find an option named ‘Live Demo’. Click on it and select ‘View Admin’. This series of activities will take you to a demo plugin dashboard. Here, you can check the features and working of the plugin easily.

Suggest new features

DotStore also provides plugin customization services to its customers. Our experienced WooCommerce and WordPress developers, who work passionately to develop these awesome products, can take up your personalized customization requests in case you want so. Just drop us a request, suggesting new features in it. For this, you can contact us through the support page or email us at

Depending upon the nature of the request, we will decide whether the suggestion is a generic request or unique.

If generic, we will extend the capabilities of our plugin that will be available for all users (and you) once you’ll update the plugin. However, if the request is more of the ‘unique’ category and for your business specifically, we will share the quote and timeline for modifying the plugin. Once you confirm, the process of plugin customization will begin.

What's your refund policy?

DotStore refunds the order amount in a few cases, while not in others when it comes to ordering cancellation after purchase. Please refer to our refund policy page to find out whether your request will qualify for the refund or not. You can also reach out to us with your query through this support page if you still have confusion.

Alternatively, you can email us at too. Also, we encourage you to send your queries through any online medium or trying the demo version of our plugin before making the final purchase so that the unnecessary hassles could be avoided, saving your time & money.

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