How to upgrade DotStore Premium Plugins?

DotStore plugins can be purchased on a yearly subscription as well as on life-time subscriptions. For the plugins you’ve made payment for life-time subscription, you won’t need to pay anything extra in the future. However, yearly subscriptions need to be updated. When your license is about to expire, you receive a reminder related to your plugin.

To update your DotStore WooCommerce or WordPress plugin, you first need to login to your DotStore account. So, use this link to reach the login page.

How to Update DotStore Premium Plugins?

Figure  - Screen for logging in to the DotStore Account for Plugin Buyers

Once the login screen appears, enter your email address and password to open the account dashboard. In case you’ve forgotten your credentials, you can Click on Forgot Password and reset the password by following the instructions received on your email. 
If you are going to visit the DotStore account for the first time and have never received your password before, click on the option for that. It will redirect you to a new page, asking for your email address. You can fetch your password (and later on, reset it) by entering the email address and submitting the form on this page.
Navigate to the ‘Licenses’ section in your dashboard by using the option for it, present in the left-side menu bar.
It will take you to a screen resembling the screenshot as shown below – 

Dotstore My account

Figure  - Licenses Page in the DotStore Dashboard after the login
On this Licenses screen, you must be able to see all information related to your purchased plugins – Plugins’ names, their plan name, license issue date, plugin activation key, expiration date, actions related to the plugins and the number of activations done (as per one-site, 5-sites and unlimited sites plans) yet.
Click on the plugin, which you want to update or renew. It will open a Plan section, on the right side of the screen, as –

Updating the License

Figure  - Updating the License Type and Subscription Type for WordPress or WooCommerce Plugin you are updating
At this point, you can change the license type and subscription time too.
From this section, you can upgrade to a lifetime plugin subscription plan or renew your plugin for another year. Change the license type and switch to one-site, 5-sites and unlimited-sites plan – no matter what your previous plan was.
Once filled your preferences, submit the form. Remember that you can also update or upgrade your plugin plans well in advance, not just when they are expiring.
Submitting the form will open a pop-up window in front of you

Figure - Final Payment and Update Pop-up

Figure  - Final Payment and Update Pop-up
In this window, fill in the payment method and related details before you click on the ‘Review Order’ button. In the end, review your order and perform the final update.

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