How Flat Rate Shipping works?

The Advanced flat rate shipping method for WooCommerce Plugin lets the WooCommerce store owners create unlimited flat rate shipping methods. Using the Flat Rate Shipping plugin, it becomes an easy task to put multiple restrictions, based on different criteria, on your online shop. 

You can apply rules related to the following parameters using Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce Plugin – 
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Zone
  • Product name
  • Category name
  • Tag
  • SKU
  • Variable product name
  • Product quantity
  • Product Attributes
  • Cart subtotal before the discount
  • Cart subtotal after discount
  • Product subtotal
  • Quantity of
  • Coupon code
  • Product weight 
  • Shipping class
  • User
  • User role
  • Payment method
Alongside, store owners are allowed to set flat rates, choose start & end dates for a method, decide whether or not the shipping fee will be taxed, and do a few more flat-rate shipping-related things.
The robustly-coded WordPress plugin is very flexible, offers extended features, and lets you customize your shipping process the way you want. Install it with your e-commerce website and apply flat rate shipping charges based on location, user-related properties, product-related aspects, and cart-specific parameters on the purchases happening through your store.
Here are a few quick examples of shipping plugin usage –
  • Apply free shipping for customers in New York and Sydney.
  • Apply a $5 shipping charge for the buyers making a purchase worth $50 or less. 
  • Charge $50 for shipping a mobile phone to Britain.
  • Charge $2 for shipping a black-colored t-shirt (variable product) to any place in a particular state of the US.
  • Charge no shipping money if a buyer purchases 15 footballs in one go.
This is how it will look like, once applied to your customer’s cart –

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