Advanced Shipping Price Rules Setting

This is probably the best and most advanced feature of Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce. Using advanced rules, e-commerce sellers can set incrementing, decrementing and the constant shipping fee for a quantity or weight range

Now, If you want to create more complex shipping rules, you can use the “New Advanced Pricing Shipping Rules” feature. You can create dynamic pricing rules, based on your requirement. It cannot be used alone, the “ Shipping Methods Rules” and shipping charges are needed to set, before applying the “ Advanced Shipping Price Rules.”

After installing the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method plugin, you will find the new features added below the regular ‘Shipping Method Rules’ names ‘Advanced Shipping Price Rules’ – as shown in the screenshot above.

With the help of this feature, you find the tab section, where you can apply advanced shipping rules. There are default 10 Advanced Options that will be discussed below.

  1. Cost on Product
  2. Cost on Product Subtotal
  3. Cost on Product Weight
  4. Cost on Category
  5. Cost on Category Subtotal
  6. Cost on Category Weight
  7. Cost on Total Cart Qty
  8. Cost on Total Cart Weight
  9. Cost on Total Cart Subtotal
  10. Cost on Shipping Class Subtotal

Advanced Pricing options:-

The default rules are applied with the more extra feature using amount field as below:-

  • Adding a minus sign (-) will deduct the amount from the total cost of shipping
  • Adding a percentage sign (%) will use a percentage of the total cart of shipping cost
  • Adding any cost to add extra shipping based on Cart Subtotal.
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