Advanced Shipping Price Rules - Shipping Cost on Total Cart Subtotal

The ‘Cost on Total Cart Subtotal’ advanced shipping rules works with your flat rate shipping rules and settings. 

Using this, you can apply the shipping amount for a minimum and a maximum subtotal of cart. And the amount or percentage entered in the ‘ Fee Amount’ field will be used for increasing, decreasing or using the same rate of shipping as per the total cart's subtotal.
How it works:
Let’s say you have mentioned minimum cart subtotal  ‘x’ and maximum cart subtotal as ‘x+100’. So, it has created a range of 100 cart subtotal.
Now, to increase the amount for shipping for this range cart subtotal, keep the fee amount positive. To decrease the amount with increasing items, keep it negative
The fee amount will be added to the base flat rate shipping fee amount, which you’ve filled in the Fee section of the main form ( Shipping Fee configuration) of this method. So, if you add $1, then the customers will be charged a base fee + $1 for the x subtotal.

Example 1: Charge $8+ when cart subtotal is between 50 to 100 && Charge $16+ when cart subtotal is between 101 to 150.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Cost on total cart subtotal based advanced rule)

Advanced Shipping Price Rules - Cost on Total Cart Subtotal

Screenshot - 2: (Shipping method front view)

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