Cart Specific Shipping Rule

Cart Specific Shipping rules

About the Rule:

There are multiple operations related to cart, on the basis of which, you might want to charge shipping fee from your buyers. For example, a WooCommerce shop owner may want to count total items in the cart and decide the flat shipping rate according to that. That’s what this option is for. Using the cart-specific shipping conditional rule, you can apply rules related to following parameters –
  • Cart subtotal before the discount
  • Cart subtotal after discount
  • Quantity 
  • Weight (kg)
  • Coupon
  • Shipping Class
  • Cart subtotal (product specific)
How it works:
The plugin has certain cart-specific rules and here’s what they do –
Cart subtotal before the discount: Using this option, you will be able to apply a flat shipping rate on cart total before the discount is applied.  For example – If cart subtotal before the discount is $500+, charge $10 as shipping rate, which is $20 otherwise. For More Details Click here
Cart subtotal after discount: Using this option, you will be able to apply flat shipping rate on cart total after the discount is applied.
Quantity: Cart quantity specifies the number of items in the cart. So, if you want to put cart quantity related shipping rate restriction on your cast, this option will work the best for you. To determine the number of items of a particular type of product or category, you will have to add another rule with this. 
Weight (kg): For the business owners who use airway for product delivery, it becomes essential to deploy shipping charges as per cart’s weight. That’s why our plugin allows you to use this option and apply flat rate shipping charges according to cart’s weight in Kilograms. 
Coupon: If you’ve decided to give shipping discount to your customers, Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce makes it doable for you. Use the coupon option, fill the name of coupon and decide the money to be charged when this coupon is applied. You may also add conditions related to location, category, product, etc. to make your restriction more specific.
Shipping Class: For applying flat rate shipping amount as per the shipping class, sellers can make use of this option.
[New] Cart subtotal (product specific): Using this option, you will be able to apply a flat shipping rate on specific products purchase more than a specific price.

Example 1:- If the user purchases more than 12 quantities of any product then add an advanced shipping method with charges.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Quantity based rule)

Screenshot - 2: (Shipping method front side view)

Example 2:- Add an advanced shipping method with charges when the product Cap's subtotal is less than $19

Screenshot 3: (Admin: Product specific subtotal based rule)

Screenshot - 4: (Shipping method front side view)

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