1. How do I set a product based shipping method in WooCommerce? 

Ans: e.g: If the store owner wants to apply the shipping cost $10 if the cart contains a particular product
You have to create a shipping method rule like a cart contains a product equal to " happy ninja " and gives shipping cost = $10.
2. How do I set the shipping method based on category and country? 

Ans: e.g: If I want to set charges for specific category poster and for specific country ‘UK’)

You have to create a shipping method rule like a select cart contains a category’s product equal to the " poster " and select  country equal to the " UK " and gives shipping cost = $10, as per your requirement.
3. How to display the shipping method in radio buttons or drop-down on the cart/checkout page?
Ans: From Master Settings, you can set shipping methods display mode as per your requirements.
4. What to do when multiple shipping methods are available on the cart page? 
Ans: For that, We have created “Master Settings” options:
    Allow customer to choose: Let’s customer choose one shipping method from available shipping methods
    Apply Highest: Shipping method with the highest cost would be displayed from the available shipping methods
    Apply smallest: Shipping method with the lowest cost would be displayed from the available shipping methods
    Force all: All the shipping methods are forcefully invoked with shipping charge as summed up of all shipping methods
Learn more: Click here
5. When multiple category’s products available in the cart and each category have different shipping method then how to charge a sum of all shipping method to customer.? (Upgrade to Pro version)
Ans: If the store owner wants to charge the sum of all applicable shipping method charges on the cart page then you have to select Force all shipping methods from master settings. Learn more:  Click here
6. How to charge shipping costs for the total product’s quantity of cart in the WooCommerce store?
Ans: If you want to charge $10 for the total cart’s quantity then you have to set shipping charge like $10*[qty]. To charge 10 for each product quantity in the cart
7. How to set a shipping method for a specific country, state, and postcode?
Ans. For that, you have to select location-based shipping method rule and you have to add specific county = USA, state = Alabama and Postcode = 35801.
8. How to create a special shipping method for specific customers? (e.g:  john = $10)
Ans. You have to create a user-based shipping rule like a select user equal to " John " If this customer placed an order then charge lower shipping charge like $10 (because He is placed bulk order)  as compare to number customer 
9. How to charge a shipping charge based on the cart subtotal. When order amount less than 99 then the charge would be $49
Ans. You have to create a shipping method rule like a select cart subtotal amount " < 99"  and the shipping charge would be $49
10. Is it possible to create shipping methods based on different WooCommerce shipping zones?
Ans: Yes, you can create different WooCommerce shipping zones as per your requirements (like countries/states/zip codes). As per your business requirement, you can create countries, state, zip-code based shipping zone and charge extra shipping costs by advance shipping rules.
11. I want to apply shipping methods based on the amount after applying the coupon code to the cart subtotal. Can I achieve this? 
Ans: Yes, you can achieve this functionality. For that, you have to set the conditions for the cart subtotal (After discount). Like you can set cart subtotal (After discount) greater than 50. When after subtracting the amount cart subtotal and coupon code is greater than 50 then the shipping method is applied.