How to add an optional fee or service fee (Optional)

Adding an optional service fee can enhance the flexibility of your checkout process for users.

Here are some examples of optional fees you can offer:

  1. Service fee option for your order
  2. Additional year of support
  3. Gift wrapping for orders
  4. Courier protection
  5. Expedited delivery
  6. Insurance fee
  7. Rush fee
  8. Wash charge
  9. Transaction fee
  10. Bank charges
  11. Advanced booking fee
  12. Registration fee
  13. Setup fee

You can configure the optional fee from the admin area. Here's how:

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Set optional fee)

In the admin area, you have the option to set the type of optional fee as either a "Checkbox" or a "Dropdown." If you want the optional fee to be checked by default on the checkout page, simply enable the "Default Optional Fee Checked" option.

Additionally, you can customize the title and short description of the optional fee section for your customers.

Once configured, customers will see the optional fees available for selection on the checkout page.

Screenshot 2: (Front: Optional fee as checkbox)

Screenshot 3: (Front: Fee will apply to the checkout after customer select it)

Screenshot - 4: (Front: Optional fee as dropdown)

Screenshot - 5: (Front: Fee will apply to the checkout after customer select the option as "Yes")

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