How to add optional fee or service fee (Optional)

Once you need to add a service fee as optional for the users, then this feature is useful.

There are a few possible examples of the optional fees we can use: 

1. Add the service fee option for your order.

2. Additional support for the year

3. Order in gift wrapper.

4. Protection in courier.

5. Quick delivery.

6. Insurance fee

7. Rush fee

8. Wash charge

9. Transaction fee

10. Bank charges

11. Advanced booking fee

12. Registration fee

13. Setup fee

Step - 1: Configure the service fee from the admin area.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Set extra fee)

Step - 2: Users will get the optional fees to select on the checkout page.

Screenshot 2: (Checkout: Users will get the optional fees to select)

Screenshot - 3: (Checkout; Once the user selects fees, then it will apply)