Post-Purchase Related Queries

1. I have completed the Plugin Purchase. Now, from where can I download the plugin?

Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email from DotStore. This email will have the download link for the plugin you’ve purchased, the credentials of your DotStore accounts, instructions on how to complete the installation & activation of the plugin, and so on. Use the given link to download your plugin.

2. Will the plugin start working immediately after installation on it requires something else?

If you have downloaded a free plugin, you need not do anything extra. However, for a premium plugin, you need to use the license activation key to get started with the plugin.

3. Where can I find the activation key for my plugin?

You can find it in the plugin purchase confirmation email, or in your DotStore dashboard. Copy the key and find the option to add the activation key in your WordPress website’s or WooCommerce store’s dashboard. Paste the key in the right slot and click on the ‘activate plugin’ button.

4. If my plugin is expired, will all its features stop working suddenly?

No. However, you won’t be able to update the plugin when new versions arrive. It is not healthy for your website or shop, because using old versions of the plugin may expose it to security threats. So, we suggest you use the most updated version of our plugins always. And when the update we have released is a security update, make sure to take action on it immediately so that your website remains secure.

5. I made the plugin purchase which was successful but I did not receive an email, confirming my purchase. What should I do?

The moment we receive the payment, an automated email is sent to you. So, this event is unlikely to occur. Please wait for a while, because they could be congestion in the network, causing the delay. If you do not receive it even in 24 hours, please write to us. We will check our systems and take further actions accordingly.

6. I already have a DotStore account and want to make a purchase of another plugin. How can I do that?

Log into your DotStore account and open the product page of the plugin you want to buy. Complete the process as screens appear.

7. I created my DotStore account long back. Now, I cannot recall my username/password. What actions are required for regaining access to that account?

Please search for the old email of any completed DotStore purchase in your email inbox. In this email, your username must be mentioned alongside other details related to your order. You can use that username with the password to login to your DotStore account.

If you have forgotten your password too, click on the ‘forgot password’ button from the signup form. You will receive the instructions regarding account recovery thereafter. Change your password and login to your account.

8. How can I see the previous products, purchased from DotStore?

In your DotStore account, you can always view all your purchased plugins, the links to download them, their subscription type, license type, validity, activation key and so on.

9. I am not able to see one of my products on the DotStore dashboard. Why so?

It is possible that the license is expired and you are viewing the products’ list with the filter that shows valid licenses only. If your license is not expired and it is still happening, contact us. We will see what the problem is, and resolve the same.

For agencies or multiple DotStore account holders, it is also a probability that you have made the purchase from another account and you are searching for it in a different account. So, also check the purchase confirmation email and the username mentioned in that email.

10. How can I delete my DotStore account as I no longer need it?

If you do not have any active product and have no plan of making further purchases, you can email our team and ask for account deletion. We will take need action and remove your account. However, you can leave the account as is, unsubscribing from the promotional emails, if you think you might need our products in the future.

11. Is it possible to change the email for purchase after payment... like, switching the account for a product?

Yes. However, this process is not automated. You will have to write to the DotStore team regarding the same. We will process your request and change the email.

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