My Account page overview

When you purchase a WooCommerce or WordPress plugin from DotStore, you get the credentials to log in to your DotStore account as it auto-creates your account on our platform. Here is a quick overview of what you can do using this account –

1.  View your website(s), for which, you have enabled the plugins purchased from DotStore.

2. View all links to download purchased plugins, made available on one page. You can also view product details like type, version and tested up to, etc. here.

3.  See the licenses, expiry dates, purchase dates, activation status and more on this page. You can find your plugin’s activation key on this page.

4. Check out your pending renewals, scheduled renewals and billing details in one place.

5.  Visit your profile page that lists your email address and other details. This page lets you change your password address and other information you that might want to update later.

6.  Read FAQs (frequently asked questions) in order to get your common concerns resolved without. You may also get desired support.

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