How to add fixed, percentage based or both extra fees

Using this feature we can add two types of fees. The first is a fixed fee and the second is a percentage fee.

Let's see both types of fees with an example so we can get more ideas about them.

1. Fixed fee:

If you want to add a fixed fee amount for a specific location or product, cart total, etc. then this fee is mostly used.

For eg. If a user purchases any products from United State then want to apply the Handling fee to $3.99.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Fixed fee settings)

Screenshot - 2: (Front - Fixed fee based on country)

2. Percentage fee:

This type of fee is used once we need to add the processing fee for a small type of order or something like that.

For eg. If the cart order is less than 100 then add the 5% processing fee.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin- Percentage-based fee settings)

Screenshot - 4: (Front - Subtotal less than 100)

Screenshot - 5: (Front - Subtotal more than 100)

3. Percentage and fixed fee:

This type of fee structure, combining both a percentage and a fixed amount, can be useful in various scenarios.

For eg. Event Tickets: Selling tickets where a percentage of the ticket price is applied as a service fee, along with a fixed handling fee. ( Subtotal of 100$, Service fee: 10%, and Fixed handling fee: $5 so 10% + 5 = $15 )

Screenshot - 6: (Admin- Percentage and fixed fee settings)

Screenshot - 7: ( Front )

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