How to set extra fee as a recurring payment

Before moving to the recurring payment fee, Let's learn about what are subscription products and recurring payments.

What is a subscription product?

A subscription product is something offered to the customer for purchase in your store. For most stores, store managers will only ever need to create subscription products. When customers purchase those products, subscriptions will be created automatically.

What does recurring payment mean?

A recurring payment is a payment model where the customers authorize the merchant to pull funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis.

Now, If you are selling subscription products and want to apply extra fees on recurring payments as well then you can use our plugin's "Set fee as recurring payment" option to allow fees on recurring payments.

Note: This option only works with subscription products. Once selected it will allow fees on recurring payments as well.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Set fee as a recurring payment)

Screenshot - 2: (Extra fee front side view)

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