1. Can this plugin hide all shipping methods when free shipping is available for the cart?

Yes, you can do it from the general settings with just one click. Refer here

2. What if I want my customers to use local pickup service, even if they are eligible for the free shipping facility? Will Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin let me do this?

Yes. For this, you will have to choose the option ‘Hide all other shipping methods when Free Shipping and Local Pickup available on the cart page’ instead of ‘Hide all other shipping methods when Free Shipping is available on the cart page’. Then, it will work the way you want.

3. Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, i.e. WooCommerce 3.7?

Yes, it is. We will also keep updating the plugin to work smoothly with the later versions coming up in the future. 

4. How do I hide a few shipping methods for my whole shop and let them be displayed at other times?

Use the option ‘Hide specific shipping methods when free shipping is available on the cart page’. It will let you add a field for mentioning the shipping methods to be hidden. Fill in this field to define and name it.  Your site will work as specified.

5. I want to hide a few shipping methods for every Wednesday. How do I do that?

Use conditional hide shipping method. This can be done easily. You can hide certain shipping methods for a certain day every week. This will also do away with the need to change these settings manually every week. 

6. We are an online cake shop and do not provide urgent shipping services in peak traffic hours (i.e. 9 to 11 AM IST and 6 to 7 PM IST). We want to hide the urgent delivery service for this duration every day. Can your plugin help us with this?

Definitely! Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce plugin has conditional hide shipping method rules that let you hide one or more shipping methods as per the time of the day. Just mention the start and end time in the respective fields given for the same, save the settings and it’ll work!

7. Is Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin, multi-lingual?

No, it is not multi-lingual yet. The plugin does not support WPML for now.

8. What types of conditions are accepted and created in the conditional hide shipping method rules through this plugin?

You can create conditions related to the shipping source, shipping dates (start date and end date), days of the week, start time and end time, using this plugin. These conditions can be set differently for various shipping method rules.

Additionally, you can also apply basic and advanced rules - as many types as you need. These two are covered in-depth in the ‘Premium Settings plugin’ document and in the following two questions. 

9. What do the ‘Basic Hide Shipping Rules’ signify in the case of this plugin?

A basic rule added to the hide shipping method can be any of the following types- location-specific, product-specific, attribute-specific, user-specific, and cart specific. Read more here

10. What does the ‘Advanced Hide Shipping Rules’ signify in case of this plugin?

This set of rules helps you specify a range for product quantity, product weight, product subtotal, category quantity, category subtotal, category weight, total cart quantity, total cart weight, and total cart subtotal. Minimum and maximum values for each of these attributes can be defined using the advanced hide shipping rules. Here is how this can be set up. 

11. Can your plugin hide my store’s shipping methods when either the basic rule set or the advanced rule set conditions match, but not when both match together?

Yes, use the ‘OR’ condition between the basic and advanced rules.

12. I want my shipping methods to be marked hidden when any of the basic rules are met so that they don’t interfere with each other. How do I do it?

There are two types of conditions you can apply using the Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin – All Rule Match and Any One Rule Match. In your case, you should choose ‘Any One Rule Match’ for the basic rules.  In case you want your hide shipping method to work if and only if all the basic rules are met, select the ‘All Rules Match’ option.

The same holds true for the Advanced Rules when being added to a hide shipping method. The rule matching works independently for basic and advanced rules, so there is a  separate dropdown menu for both. Therefore, please select the type of rule matching twice if both are applied.

13. My online store has a few custom shipping methods that may not be compatible with this plugin. Can it still hide my shipping methods for a few conditions?

Yes. Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin can hide custom shipping methods, even if those methods are incompatible with the plugin. You just need to find the values of those methods and fill them in the field for hiding custom shipping methods. Refer to the below screenshot for more details. You may also read Case 5 mentioned here

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