How it works?

Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce lets e-commerce store owners do things, such as:

Case 1: Hiding all shipping methods when free shipping is enabled

Case 2: Hiding all shipping methods if free shipping or local pickup is enabled for the cart

Case 3: Hiding a few or all shipping methods when free shipping is enabled

Case 4: Hiding default shipping methods and custom shipping methods that are compatible with the hide shipping method plugin

Case 5: Hiding specific custom shipping methods – the ones which are not compatible with hiding shipping plugin for certain conditional rules

Alongside, you can also enable logging in from an account to track easily the settings modified under this plugin.

Coming to the conditional rules which are applicable for Case 4 and Case 5

If you do not choose to apply ‘Extra Rules’, you can add conditions related to:

  • Shipping Source type
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Day(s) of the week
  • Time

Note: Each of these parameters is described later in detail in this document.

On the other hand, you can deploy basic as well as advanced logics once you decide to apply ‘Extra Rules’ and change its value to ‘Advanced Rules’.

Basic Rules – These could be related to location, user role, cart, attributes, and products. For example – For all local customers, you can activate- Hide all shipping methods.

Advanced Rules – Advanced rules have attributes that carry a minimum and maximum value, where these attributes can be product quantity, product weight, product subtotal, category quantity, category weight, total cart quantity, cart subtotal, or total cart weight.

Now, these rules can work together, as well as in isolation, as per your choice:

OR – If ‘OR’ logic between basic and advanced rules is applied, the configuration will work whenever conditions of either of the two sets (set of basic rules or the set of advanced rules) are met.

AND – If ‘AND’ logic between basic and advanced rules is applied, the configuration will work whenever conditions of both the sets (set of basic rules as well as a set of advanced rules) are met.

In the end, the same thing can be done within the sets of advanced and basic rules for them to work smoothly within their own set. This is done by choosing any one of the below 2 options in both the sections (this needs to be done separately since they both have different dropdown menus) —

i.) Any One Rule Match

ii.) All Rules Match

Pro Tip: You can create more than one conditional Hide Shipping Rules using this plugin – each with different settings and sets of rules.

How it works in short, Once enabled and configured properly, Hide Shipping Method for the WooCommerce plugin

disables some or all of the shipping methods as per the added conditions for your online business.

This is how the plugin will impact your shop’s cart page. Hiding all/ specific shipping methods will make your page look like:

Image reference missing for the above point.

Once installed and activated, you will find a link to this plugin’s dashboard under your WooCommerce page called ‘Hide Shipping’.

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