How to apply All or Any One Rule Match condition

Create multiple Basic Rules in Hide Shipping Method with these options

As you are already aware, you can add any number of basic rules– related to location, product attribute, user role, cart detail, etc., to any configured hide shipping method. There are 2 ways to ensure these combinations of rules work smoothly when applied together – All Rule Match and Any One Rule Match.

1. All Rule Match

How to apply and or any one condition

If you have added multiple conditions through basic rules and want the shipping methods to be disabled if and only if all of these conditions are satisfied, then choose this option.

2. Any One Rule Match

How to apply and or any one condition

If you want the hide shipping method rules to work when any one of the added conditions is met, Any One Rule Match option should be selected. 


An online store wants to hide its few shipping methods for a few countries, for the user roles of guests, administrators and shop managers when the cart contains polo-neck or t-shirt and the cart subtotal is greater than or equal to 100. Basic hide shipping rules as shown below can be selected and the store owner can choose ‘All Rules Match’ to apply this rule when all the conditions of the country, user role and product-type are met:

How to apply and or any one condition

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