Shipping Fee Configuration Form

When you will click on the ‘Add New Shipping Method’, you will be redirected to a dedicated method creation page. This page will have two sections; Shipping Fee Configuration Form is the first of these and looks like as under.

Fee Configuration Form for Creating Flat Rate Shipping Method

Fee Configuration Form for Creating Flat Rate Shipping Method
In this section, you have to add –
  • Status of your shipping method can be enabled or disabled. You can set this toggle button to ‘enabled’, if you want your method to work and ‘disabled’, if you don’t want it to affect your WooCommerce shop.
  • Shipping method name, which should be an understandable phrase as it’ll be later used for re-accessing the method. This name will also be visible for your buyers on the cart page.
  • Shipping charge is the field, in which, you have to specify the flat rate cost for the method you’re creating. 

Apply per quantity

  If you want to increase this flat rate charge by a particular amount of additional items are purchased, check ‘Apply per quantity’ and insert the amount to be added per item. 

For example – If you add $3 shipping rate for a Cake and mention the additional charge as $0.5, then 4 cakes will be charged $4.5 ($3 + $0.5 + $0.5 + $0.5) as the shipping fee.

  • Tooltip Description is a short description of your method. It will be visible to your customers if they’ll hover on the method name in their cart.
  • ‘Is the Amount Taxable?’ dropdown facilitates you to specify whether or not you want to apply taxes for the shipping amount.
  • Estimated Delivery Time field is for specifying the estimated duration or day for shipping so that buyers could know about it.
  • Start Date field is for adding a date, from which your method will be applicable. Because of this option, you can create your shipping methods in advance and schedule their start date. It is an optional field and can be left blank.
  • End date field is for adding an end date or expiry date to your method. It saves you from the troubles which may occur if you forget to disable your shipping method even after the actual sale/offer is over. This field is optional too. You may add an end date or leave this field blank, as per your eCommerce store’s needs.

Dynamic Shipping Cost

When customer select this shipping method the amount will be added to the cart subtotal. You can enter a fixed amount or make it dynamic using the below parameters:

  1. [qty] -> total number of,
  2. [cost] -> cost of items,
  3. [fee percent=10 min_fee=20] -> Percentage based fee.
Below are some examples: 
  • 10.00 -> To add flat 10.00 shipping charge
  • 10 * [qty] -> To charge 10.00 per quantity in the cart. It will be 50.00 if the cart has 5 quantity.
  • [fee percent=10 min_fee=20] -> This means charge 10 percent of cart subtotal, minimum 20 charges will be applicable.

1. Per Quantity based Shipping charge 

1. Per Quantity based Shipping charge

Below Cart QTY = 1 so that shipping charge = 10 * [1] =  $10

1. Per Quantity based Shipping charge

Below Cart QTY = 4 so that shipping charge = 10 * [4] =  $40

flat rate shippingf method

2. Percentage  & Apply Minimum Shipping charge