Product specific fee rules

When selling different types of products with varying properties, it becomes necessary to apply separate fees. This is where the Product Specific Rules come in handy. With Product Specific rules, you can apply an extra fee based on the product, variable product, category, tag, or product quantity.

How it works:

The plugin allows you to create five types of product-specific rules:

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Product specific rules)

1. Cart contains product:

- Select this option when you want to charge a fee for a particular product or products. You can select one or more products to this rule.

2. Cart contains variable product:

- Use this option when you want to charge a fee for a specific variation of a product or multiple variations. You can select one or more variable products to this rule.

3. Cart contains category's product:

- Choose this rule type if you want to apply a specific fee for products belonging to one or more categories. You can select multiple categories while creating this rule.

4. Cart contains tag's product:

- This rule allows you to apply fees for products by assigning the same tag to them. You can add multiple tags to a rule while creating a fee rule.

5. Cart contains product's quantity:

- This rule is used to add an extra fee based on a specific quantity range of products, categories, variable products, etc. Please note that this rule will only work if you have selected any one of the Product Specific options mentioned above.

Example 1: Add a fee when the cart contains "Hoodie with Logo (simple product)" and "V-Neck T-shirt - Red (variable product)" products.

Screenshot - 2: (Admin: Simple and variable product-specific rule)

Screenshot - 3: (Extra fee front side view)

Example 2: Add fee for the "Accessories" category and "Kidswear" sub-category.

Screenshot - 4: (Admin: Category specific rule)

Example 3: Add a $13 fee when the cart contains a "Belt" product with a quantity range between 6 to 18.

Screenshot - 5: (Admin: Product quantity range-based rule)

Note: The "Cart contains product's quantity" rule will only work if you have selected any one Product Specific option.

When you select the "Cart contains product's quantity" rule, It will count and check the quantity of "Belt" products only in the cart. If all range rules are matched, it will add the extra fee.

Screenshot - 6: (Extra fee front side view)

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