How to create a new min/max rule

Here's how to create a new min/max rule for your WooCommerce store:
Step - 1: Go to the " Manage Rules" page in the plugin settings and click on the " Add New" button.
Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Add new Min/Max rule)

Step - 2: Under the " Configuration" section, you can set the rule status and rule name. The rule name should be something descriptive and easy to remember, like "Product specific rule".

Screenshot - 2: (Admin: Rule status and name configuration)

Step - 3: In the " Advanced Rules" section, you will find a group where you can configure min/max quantity rules based on different conditions such as product specific, category specific, country specific, etc. To create multiple groups, click on the " + Add Group" button.
Note :- Each group has a status, If this status is disabled then created rules in this group will not apply on the front side.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin: Min/Max groups)

Simply check the box next to each group number and click the "Delete" button to remove any of the groups from your list.

Screenshot - 4: (Admin: Remove selected groups)

Step - 4: In the " Advanced Rules > Conditions" section, configure conditions as per your requirements. For example, you might want to set a minimum quantity for a specific product category. In that case, you would add the product category specific condition and select categories.

Screenshot - 5: (Admin: Min/Max rule conditions)

Step - 5: To create multiple conditions, click on the " + Add Rule" button. This will allow you to create more complex rules based on specific conditions, such as a minimum quantity for a particular product category and specific countries.

Screenshot - 6: (Admin: Create multiple conditions)

Step - 6: In the " Advanced Rules > Action" section, configure the minimum and maximum quantity limits. This is where you specify the minimum and maximum quantities for the rule you've just created.

Screenshot - 7: (Admin: Set min/max quantity)

Screenshot - 8: (Front: Single product with min/max quantity limits)

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