Advanced Fees Price Rules - Cost on Product

About the Rule:

The ‘ Cost on Product’ advanced fee rules can be enabled above your existing fee rules and settings. Using this rule, you can define a  minimum and a maximum  quantity which will be considered as the item count. 
So, it creates a  range of item counts, for which, this advanced rule will work. And the amount or percentage entered in the ‘ Fee Amount’ field will be used for increasing, decreasing, or using the same fee as per the items in your cart.
How it works:

Let’s say you have mentioned minimum quantity as ‘x’ and maximum quantity as ‘x+12’. So, it has created a range of 12 items of a product type. 

Now, if you want to increase the amount of fee for this range on increasing the item count, keep the fee amount positive.

To decrease the amount with increasing items, keep it negative. Keep in mind that the fee amount will be added to the base fee amount, which you’ve filled in the Fee section of the main form (Fee configuration) of this method. 

So, if you add $1, then the customers will be charged a base fee + $1 for the x items while the base fee + $5 for x+4 items.

This rule helps you to calculate with three different methods:

  • Based on Percentage (%) - If want a discount on any product - By adding a percentage (%) to the ‘Fee amount’ field will add the percentage fee based on the Cart Subtotal on the cart page.
    • Apply on Products - When you add a percentage (%) fee then it will enable this option. When you checked 'Apply on Products' option then it will add the percentage fee based on the Product Subtotal on the cart page.
  • Based on Minus (-), By adding a Minus (-) to the ‘Fee amount’ field will help to deduct the Discount on Cart Subtotal in the Cart Page.
  • Based on adding extra fee - You can add any fee amount to add extra charge on specific products.
Charge 6-12 items of Beanie products with $10+, increasing the fee by $1 when product quantity is between 6-12.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Advanced Fees Rule - Cost on Product)

Example 1: How to set range based fees with advanced fee pricing rules?

Charge Range based extra fees.

Let's say the basic extra fee = $3 

Advance Fee Price Rule:

Product Name - Tshirt Charge = 10%

Product name -  Belt Charge = -5

Product name - Cap Charge = 2

Screenshot - 2: (Admin: Advanced range based fee rule)

Screenshot - 3: (Extra fee front side view)

As per the Rule, If we add all three products to the Cart Page. Cart Subtotal is - $ 297.00
Cart Subtotal = $297.00
Tshirt Product Charges => $297.00 * 10% = $29.7
Belt Product Charges => $29.7 – 5 = $24.7
Cap Product Charges => $24.7 + 2 = $26.7
Base fee => $26.7 + 3 = $29.70
Thus, the Total Extra fee is = $29.70
The fee changes according to the quantity and product selection in the Cart page.

Example 2: How advanced pricing rules are calculated based on Percentage (%)

If the Extra fee rule base fee is $3.

Advanced Fees Price Rule: 10% on Product and Total Cart Subtotal are as follows:-

Screenshot - 4: (Admin: Advanced fee rule with percentage fee)

Screenshot - 5: (Extra fee front side view)

Example 3. How advanced pricing rules are calculated on Minus (-)

How to apply a discount on Specific Product or Cart Subtotal :-

Screenshot - 6: (Admin: Advanced fee rule with minus fee)

Screenshot - 7: (Extra fee front side view)