How to add each weight based extra fee rule

We can use " Each Weight Rule" if you want to add extra fees based on the product weight range.

If you are selling any weight based products and want to charge extra fees when your customer purchases any products over the specific or per each weight then this feature is useful.

Example 1: If a user purchased heavy products and based on each 5kg want to add extra fees of $10 then please check the below settings.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Each weight based rule)

Based on the above settings it will showcase the weight-based extra fee like below.

Screenshot - 2: (Extra fee front side view)

Example 2: If we want to apply the extra weight changes once the cart weight reaches the specific amount then set the below configuration.

If cart weight is over 10kg then add a $2 extra fee for each additional 2kg.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin: Each weight based rule)

Screenshot - 4: (Extra fee front side view)

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