How to add shipping method based on the specific Payment gateway

If we want to apply the shipping charges based on the specific Payment gateway then we can add the conditional rules.

Payment Gateway specific rule comes in handy, when you want to enable any special shipping method based on the specific payment gateway option.

Example: If the user selects the Direct bank transfer or COD payment gateway then we want to apply $10 as a shipping charge and for the rest of the others it will showcase only default shipping methods.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Payment method rule)

During the checkout, once the user selects any one payment method from the above rules then it will showcase the advanced shipping method.

Screenshot - 2:  (Matched Payment method shipping)

For the rest of any other payment method, it will showcase the default shipping methods.

Screenshot - 3: (Other payment method layout)

For more advanced shipping features click here.

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