Holiday Flat rate Shipping

Rules available in Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method could let you create WooCommerce holiday shipping rates, as you could offer expedited shipping for your country around holiday seasons, encouraging customers to purchase on a deadline to get an order on-time.

This can be useful especially around Christmas-time, as you can offer a rate for only a selected date window, guaranteeing holiday arrival for customers with that rate.
To set up a holiday rate, we’ll use the start/end dates for the rate, along with location-based rules.
First, add the dates during which your rate should be available:

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Holiday shipping configuration settings)

Holiday Flat rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Next, you probably can’t offer this guaranteed rate to all customers. Ensure you limited by certain shipping zones, or by location. You can limit by country, state/province, or even certain postcodes. This way, you don’t offer a guaranteed rate to a customer if they’re not in an area you can get guaranteed delivery for.

Screenshot - 2: (Admin: Set shipping location)

Holiday Flat rate Shipping

Now this rate will only be available before the holiday, and within your defined locations, helping you create a sense of urgency to drive purchases around holidays.

Screenshot - 3: (Shipping method front side view)

Flat rate shipping for holiday

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