Shipping Method Configurations

WooCommerce store owners can create unlimited shipping methods from the main plugin dashboard. For this, you have to click on the ‘Add Shipping Method’, button and configure all the required shipping rules based on needs.

Screenshot - 1: (Add New Shipping Method)

Create Shipping Method by Clicking on Add New Shipping Method button

Shipping methods compromise multiple rules and details, which – together – defines the purpose of your shipping method requirements. 
It is the seller who fills in all the information about how a particular flat rate shipping method will operate. 
While shipping rules define the scope of your shipping method and decide when or when not your method will work, configuration parameters and save the details such as shipping rates to be applied for that condition and other such data. 
A Shipping method may have multiple shipping rules.
Screenshot - 2: (Common all the settings )

Common settings

From the above screenshot, you can choose options that are fit based on your business need.

Status: You can enable to disable the shipping method using the status and no need to remove it.

Unique Shipping Title: You can add your own shipping title that we can manage for admin purposes.

Shipping Method Name: In this text field you need to add the shipping method name that visible for the checkout page.

Shipping Charge: You can add a base shipping price to apply during the checkout.

Apply Per Quantity: This option is used to add additional shipping charges based on cart/product quantity count.

Cart Based: This option increases the price of each cart quantity. If cart quantity is 3 then it will add $15 + 2 * $25 = $45

Product Based: This option increases the price based on each additional quantity of selected Product, Variable Products, Categories, Tags, SKUs only. If the selected product is Belt and if there are 10 products in the cart and belt quantity is only 4 then it will count 4 quantity only and add $15 + 3 * $15 = $60 for 3 additional quantity.

Allow Free Shipping: Allow free shipping once the user reaches out a specific order amount or specific coupon applied or once a special product is added to the cart.

Each Weight Rule: Advanced weight-based shipping rules we can use if based on the weight range based extra shipping charges want to add.

Each Quantity Rule: Advanced Quantity-based Shipping Rules are used to add the per product quantity based on extra shipping charges.

Tooltip Description: The tooltip Description is a short description of your method. It will be visible to your customers if they’ll hover on the method name in their cart.

Show only for logged in users: This option is for creating some special shipping methods which are only available for logged-in users.

Default selected shipping: With this option, you can set any shipping method as default selected on the cart/checkout page.

Is the Amount Taxable?: dropdown facilitates you to specify whether or not you want to apply taxes for the shipping amount.

The Estimated Delivery Time: field is for specifying the estimated duration or day for shipping so that buyers could know about it.

The Start Date field is for adding a date, from which your method will be applicable. Because of this option, you can create your shipping methods in advance and schedule their start date. It is an optional field and can be left blank.

The End Date field is for adding an end date or expiry date to your method. It saves you from the troubles which may occur if you forget to disable your shipping method even after the actual sale/offer is over. This field is optional too. You may add an end date or leave this field blank, as per your eCommerce store’s needs.

Days of the Week: With this field, You can show a few or all shipping methods from your site for some particular days of the week.

Time: You can also choose the Time duration (start time and end time), for which the plugin settings should work. For that specified duration every day your configured rules will be applicable to the shop.

Shipping Method Rules: In this section, you can add multiple shipping rules based on your requirements like Based on Country, State, City, Product, Category, Subtotal, Quantity, Weight, Payment Method, etc.

All Rule Match: This option checks if selected all the rules are true only then it will showcase the shipping method on the checkout page. If anyone's rule does not match then it will hide the shipping on the checkout page. For more detail click here.

Any One Rule Match: This option will checks if anyone rule true then it will showcase the shipping method on the checkout page. For more detail click here.

Screenshot - 3: (Advanced Shipping)

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