Shipping Rules or Conditions

This is the next section of the Shipping Method Page. It allows the online shop owners to create multiple shipping rules so that the scope of the created method could be specified. 

Rules can be created for the following parameters:

Screenshot - 1: (Shipping rule options)

Shipping Rules or Conditions

Parameters, for which, shipping rules can be created

The form for adding shipping rules –

Screenshot - 2: (Match option to Anyone or ALL)

Shipping Method rules with and and OR rules

Shipping Method Rule Creation Form for adding one or more methods to your method

In this form, you can choose the parameter from the left dropdown list, a conditional operator from the middle dropdown list, and add the values to be compared in the right side field. Also, you can add as many rules to a method as you want.
For that, click on ‘Add Rule’ and repeat the process for creating a rule (as described in the previous paragraph).
Following conditional operators are allowed –
  • Equal to (=)
  • Not equal to (! =)
  • Less than (<)
  • Less than or equal to (< =)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Greater than or equal to (> =)
WooCommerce store owners can also create Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Rules for a few commonly-used conditions, such as the ones for products, categories, cart quantity, product weight, and cart weight

Screenshot - 3: (Advanced rules with AND or OR)

flat rate

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Rules - Create Rules faster and easily.

Using Advanced Shipping Price Rules, you can add a parameter, minimum value, maximum value, and the fee amount for a rule and save yourselves from creating multiple flat rate rules. 
It could be used when you have a few common conditions, like location, etc. and you want to apply different shipping rates from different parameters for that condition.
Now, let us tell you how these rules work – one by one.