Advanced Weight-based Shipping Rules

These advanced weight-based shipping rules we can use if based on the weight range based extra shipping charges want to add.

Example 1: If a user purchased heavy products and based on each 5kg want to add extra $10 shipping charges then please check the below settings.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin settings)

Based on the above settings it will showcase the extra weight-based shipping like below.

Screenshot - 2: (Front shipping calculation)

Screenshot - 3: (Weight based charges will change)

Example 2: If we want to apply the extra weight changes once the cart weight reaches the specific amount then set below configuration.

If cart weight is over 10kg then add $1 for each additional 1kg.

Screenshot - 4: (Admin settings)

Screenshot - 5: (Cart page layout)

Screenshot - 6: (Cart page layout)

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