How to set custom messages for checkout min/max limitations

Once you have set up the minimum and maximum limitations for checkout on your e-commerce store, default messages will be displayed on the cart page to inform your customers of these limitations. However, if you want to further clarify these limitations and customize the messages, you have the option to do so. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the plugin's "Settings" page.
  2. Click on the "Messages" tab or section.
  3. Locate the "Manage Messages" section.
  4. Set a custom message for each of the min/max rules. For example, you could set the message "Your order must be at least $50 and you have $35 in your cart." for the order value rules, and "Your order must have 5 items of each product in your cart." for the order quantity rule.
  5. Save the changes to the settings.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin: Manage rules messages)

Here, You can use the following codes to dynamically display the cart and min/max rule values:

  • {MIN_ORDER_QTY} - Displays the minimum order quantity value
  • {ORDER_QTY} - Displays the current order quantity in the cart
  • {MAX_ORDER_QTY} - Displays the maximum order quantity value
  • {MIN_CART_VALUE} - Displays the minimum cart value
  • {CART_VALUE} - Displays the current value of the cart
  • {MIN_ORDER_ITEM} - Displays the minimum order item value
  • {MAX_ORDER_ITEM} - Displays the maximum order item value

By using these codes, you can create custom messages that update dynamically based on the values of the cart and min/max rules.


Suppose you have set a minimum order value of $50, a maximum order value of $500, a minimum order quantity of 5 items, and a maximum order quantity of 20 items for your online store. To communicate these limitations clearly to your customers, you can either showcase the default message or customize messages based on your business need.

Now, when a customer tries to check out with an order that does not meet your min/max rules, they will see the custom message that you have set. If you have not set a custom message, the default message will be displayed to customers. This can help prevent confusion and frustration among your customers, and encourage them to adjust their orders accordingly.

Screenshot - 2: (Front: Min/max checkout limitation with custom messages)

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