How to limit access to your WordPress menu?

The Advanced Menu Manager plugin provides a "Menu Lock Functionality" feature for when you wish to restrict or limit the people who may access your WordPress menu.

There are several reasons why a user may want to limit access to the WordPress menu based on the users, such as:

  1. Security: By restricting access to certain menus for certain users, a user can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information or changes to the website.
  2. Better control over the website menus: By limiting access to specific menus based on users, a user can have better control over the website menus.

You will see a list of the users when you enable the Menu Lock feature. Then you choose one or more users (such as Admin) from the list and save the settings. Only the selected users will now be able to edit the menu.

Screenshot - 1: (Menu Lock Functionality)

Screenshot - 2: (Locked menu layout for a specific user)

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