How to manage menus with the menu manager plugin?

Advanced Menu Manager Plugin makes it simpler for you and your team to effectively create and manage menus in WordPress.

Click the " create a new menu" link, type your menu's name, and then click the "Create Menu" button to save your new menu.

Screenshot - 1: (Creating a new menu)

Use the green + sign, as seen in the image below, to start adding new items to your menu.

Screenshot - 2: (Add new menu items)

When you click on this green plus (+) icon, It will open a new popup with complete details about the pages, posts, categories, and custom links. 

Once you get to this step, you have the complete picture of your pages, the item id, title, item slug, author, and publish date too. This is quite handy as you get all the details in one single interface. No going back and forth to check stuff. 

Select the pages, posts, or categories you want to include in your menu by checking the appropriate boxes, and then click the " Add to Menu" button on the right-bottom of your popup window.

Screenshot - 3: (Add menu items)

Menu items will be added after choosing the menu, as shown in the image below. Additionally, you are able to control the menu's advanced options here, including the navigation label, custom CSS class, description, etc.

Screenshot - 4: (Manage advanced menu settings)

Now, Choose the theme area or theme location from the " Menu Settings" section where you want your menu to display, and then, at the very end, click the "Save Menu" button to save your menu settings.

Screenshot - 5: (Choose menu location and save menu settings)

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