How to delete the menu items or the entire menu?

There are two ways to remove or delete particular menu items. (1) By using an "X" symbol, or (2) By using the bulk delete menu item option.

You can choose option one if you wish to remove a certain menu item from the list separately.

Screenshot - 1: (Delete menu item by clicking on the "X" sign)

You can choose option two if you wish to remove menu items in bulk.

When you check on the "Bulk Delete menu Item" option, It will enable a new checkbox at the end of each menu item and two new buttons.

If you want to delete a few menu items in bulk, Select the checkbox next to each menu item you wish to remove from the list, then click the "Delete Selected Menu Items" button.

Additionally, click the "Delete All Menu Items" button to remove every menu item from the menu.

Screenshot - 2: (Delete menu items in bulk)

Now, click the "Delete Menu" link located at the end of the menu if you want to remove or delete a menu completely.

Screenshot - 3: (Delete entire menu)

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