How to restore or revise the old menu?

You can restore or revise the old version of your menu with the help of  Menu Revision Functionality.

"Menu Revision Functionality" is a very useful feature offered by the Advanced Menu Mager plugin. When you enable this feature, the plugin will start tracking records of your menu’s changes, and then you’ll be able to see previous revisions in your menu.

Menu revision functionality can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Accidentally deleted the wrong menu item and want to revert to a previous version.
  • Providing a way to revert to an earlier version of a menu item if changes are made that are not well received by customers or cause operational issues.

Screenshot - 1: (Menu Revision Functionality)

To roll back any menu revision, choose the relevant revision from the list of revisions, and then click the "Restore This Revision" button.

Screenshot - 2: (Restore menu from the revision)

Simply click on the "Flush Revision" button if you would like to remove or flush all of your menu's revisions.

Screenshot - 3: (Flush menu revisions)

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