How to specify a position for the Advanced Linked Variations?

The position of linked variation is the place in the WooCommerce single product template where the linked products will be enlisted by attributes in your shop.

  • Go to the plugin dashboard and click on the Linked Variations Settings tab;
  • In the Basic Configuration section, look for the option named Position;
  • Select your option among:
    • Under the title
    • Under the price
    • Under the except
    • Before the add to cart button
    • After the add to cart button
    • No (hide it)
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

Note: Select the Position as No (Hide it) when you want to display the linked variation of selected pages while enabling it for multiple pages. You can use the shortcode on your preferred pages or their template to add it as per your need.

Store Preview #1: Position of Attributes - Above the add to cart button

Store Preview #2: Position of Attributes - Under the title

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