How to add custom attributes in WooCommerce?

The Advanced Linked Variations for WooCommerce plugin lets you enable products, categories, and tags as the attribute other linked/related products. The linking is done as per the linked variation groups created using the plugin. 

If you want to enable text or image linked variations for an additional attribute type in this regard, you must create a custom attribute in your WooCommerce store. Here is how you can create one:

  • In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Products > Attributes.
  • Enter the details like name, slug, etc. in the Add New Attribute section.
  • Click on the Add Attribute button.

  • Once the attribute is added, click on the Configure Terms button to specify the terms for the attribute.
  • Add the terms one by one, as per your store‚Äôs need. 

Your custom attribute, with its terms, is ready to be used with the Advanced Linked Variations plugin now.

An Example Advanced Linked Variations Group

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