How to use a Shortcode to Display Advanced Linked Variations?

When you use the plugin’s shortcode, you can add the products, categorized by attributes, anywhere on a WooCommerce simple product page template. It is also useful when your custom theme does not have the positions being used for this plugin (e.g. under the title/except/price or before/after the add to cart button).

  • Navigate to the plugin dashboard > Linked Variations Settings tab;
  • Configure basic settings and create linked variation groups as per your needs;
  • Now, for the eligible products, go to the product page (in Editor);
  • Add the shortcode [dsalv] to display the plugin’s output in your desired position.
  • Update the product page to save changes. The output will be displayed in your shop.

Note: You may go to the Basic Configuration section to copy this shortcode.

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