How to merge all the fees in one label with total charge

This feature is used to merge all the fees with one label and it will apply all fees to users.

In the below screenshots, we can see once-by-one settings and out-put to get more idea about it.


1. We can increase the sale by applying multiple fees.

2. Simplify all fees with one general label based on business needs like Tax fees, Insurance fees, Bottle Deposite, etc.

3. Reduce the multiple fee rows for simple order and checkout layout.

Screenshot - 1: (Default settings to showcase all individual)

Screenshot - 2: (Showcase all fee individual)

Screenshot - 3: (Admin - Selected ALL fees option)

Screenshot - 4: (Showcase all fee with one label)

In the above screenshot - 4 it merges all fees total and adds the label "Fees" and showcases the total charge.

You can also change that "Fees" default title to your own title as per your business need using the below filter.

/** Use the below filter to customize all fees label to your own title */

function wcpfc_all_fee_title_new( $fee_title ) {    

    return " Insurance fees"; 
add_filter( 'wcpfc_all_fee_title', 'wcpfc_all_fee_title_new', 10, 1 );

Add above filter in your thems functions.php file and replace from "Insurance fees" to your title.

After adding the above filter it will look like the below screenshot.

Screenshot - 5: (Showcase all fee with custom label)