1. My WooCommerce store runs on the latest version of WooCommerce as well as WordPress. Will WooCommerce Product attachment plugin work with my shop without difficulty?

Absolutely! In fact, all DotStore plugins are regulated updated to keep them compatible with the latest version of PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce. However, if you are running your website in a very old version, it might be an issue. So, make sure that your installation is updated to WordPress 3.8 at least.

2. I have a multi-lingual WooCommerce setup. How many languages does this plugin support?
WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin is WPML-compatible. Also, it supports German, French, Polish, Spanish, and English languages. We may add more languages or develop custom capabilities in the plugin on request and at a reasonable cost.

3. I want to try the free version of the plugin before switching to the pro version. Does it require signing up to DotStore?
No, it doesn’t require sign up. You may download the free plugin and start using it. Alternatively, you may take a quick live demo of the premium plugin using this link. This demo is free too, and it doesn’t require sign up either.

4. How can I add WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO to my website?

You can access the plugin details page and click on ‘buy now’. Follow the steps as you will see as you proceed. Please refer to the section ‘Steps for Installing the Pro/Advanced Version’ in the documentation to read the process in detail.

5. I have 10 categories and 425 products on my website. Will version of WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin should I use?

If your shop requires adding the same attachment to the products, the free version will work fine for you. However, to customize the product attachment icon and add diverse attachments to different products, categories, and tags, the premium version of the WooCommerce Product Attachment will be essential.

6. I do not want to add a particular attachment for all customers, but for the premium users only. Is it possible to use the WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin?

Yes, you can add product attachments such as file uploads and external links for specific user roles.

7. My WooCommerce shop has products in thousands. Some are digital while some are physical goods. Both types of products are present in all categories. Now my problem is that I want to enable product attachments for physical products only. Will the bulk product attachment feature work in this case?

There are two ways to make the plugin work in your scenario. First, you can create a tag and use it for all the items that require attachment. Later on, you can enable bulk product attachment for that tag. The second method of doing this task is to manually add or accept the products while applying the bulk attachment feature for your shop.

8. My store has a coming sale where I want to let my users download a voucher for the next 1 hour, and using the code in that voucher, customers will be able to get a discount. Will this plugin work for my cause?

Yes. Not just for the time in hour or minutes, WooCommerce Product Attachment Pro Plugin by DotStore also works for seconds. After the given time is over, the attachment link will expire.

9. If my WooCommerce store wants to provide a description letter for canceled or refunded orders, will this plugin help me in doing so?

Using the WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin, a store owner can set product attachments for product statuses. So, if you want to enable product attachment for canceled and refunded orders, it is totally doable using this WooCommerce extension.

10. Is there any option to add a description related to the product attachment added?

Yes. You may specify related details and attachment title while adding an attachment.

11. Is it possible to add multiple product attachments to one page?

Totally! However, you will need the PRO version of the WooCommerce product attachment plugin for this purpose.

12. For which all pages can I add attachments using this page?

This plugin will let you add product attachment(s) for product description pages, order page, thank you page, download tab, and the ‘My Account’ page.


WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin’s documentation cum user guide is written in a way to provide complete details in an easy-to-understand manner to WooCommerce store owners who are using or are going to use this plugin. However, we understand that you might have concerns or issues while using the plugin. In such a scenario, DotStore Support is your option.

DotStore believes in addressing customers’ queries or problems in the least possible time. For this, you can reach out to us at support@thedotstore.com. Also, you may utilize the live chat option to get the issue resolved immediately. Please note that our professionals are available for taking requests from Monday to Friday, and between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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