Use Cases for WooCommerce Product Attachment

Use Cases

USE CASE 1:   Adding a Product Guide as Attachment for a Hoodie Product

If you want to add a product guide for a product on its product details page, follow this procedure:

i.               Create a product attachment and give it a name;

ii.              If you want, you can add a description for your attachment too;

iii.             Now, add your product guide to it as file upload of the external link;

iv.             Specify whether to open this attachment on the same page or in a new tab;

v.              Determine other details as per your online store’s needs;

vi.             Save changes.

Now, open the product description page URL of the said product.

This product attachment must be visible on the page. So, it’s done. Wasn’t it easy?



Adding an attachment for a product when the user has either added the product to the cart or have purchased it
There are times when you do not want to show a few files to everyone that is in your shop, but to the interested customers or buyers only. For such cases, you can identify the right order statuses, for which, the product attachment should be visible. For example, ‘completed’, ‘on hold’ and ‘processing’ could be a few such statuses.

So, you just have to follow steps for creating a product attachment and select the desired order statuses as shown below -

Doing so and saving the settings will ensure that only the customers who match your configuration could see the added attachment.


Enable a Product Help Document as Attachment as Clothes and Posters Categories & Specify Order Statuses for its Visibility alongside

Now, that’s obvious that a few of the documents or files will be vital for a few categories, or a few products, or just one product/category. Using WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO, you won’t have to create product attachments for all such categories or products one by one. The bulk attachment feature allows eCommerce store owners to add attachments for multiple categories at once.

You just need to specify the category or categories in the right place as shown in the attachment.

The plugin also gives you the option to enable or hide the product attachment for the child categories of you chosen categories.

After it all is done, specify the order statuses for which the above setting should work.

In the end, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button and check the frontend of your shop to confirm whether or not it’s working for the desired pages or conditions.



Adding Multiple attachments for a Product

It is not sufficient to add just one attachment for a product some times. You might want to add a catalog, a warranty card, a video presentation link, and even more documents on certain occasions. What will you do in such a scenario?

Yes, we know that the bulk attachment option allows you to add just one link or attachment to a product attachment you are creating through this plugin. However, there is no limit to the number of attachments you could add to a product or a category.

The procedure for creating and adding multiple attachments is simple.

You can create multiple product attachments and specify the same condition e.g. product for which it should be visible.

In some cases, you can create a product attachment for a whole category while another for a product only.

In both cases, your product page will show multiple i.e. 2 attachments.

Crux of the matter is – A product page or an order details page will enlist as many product attachments as it will be eligible for.

Here is how a product page with multiple attachments will look like:

If you want to add more clarity for your buyers, make sure to add a description for each product attachment. In this scenario, a typical product page with multiple attachments, when created using the WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO plugin, will appear similar to this:

Looks good, right? 

In a similar manner, you may create product attachments for different conditions and make your online shop more user-friendly for all.