How Product Attachment Plugin Works?

Product attachment plugin for WooCommerce by DotStore is specifically good for e-commerce websites and digital goods online stores that need to provide documents to their buyers or prospects. Here are a few cases, in which, this WooCommerce extension would be of great help:

  • If you are selling a physical or digital product that comes with a warranty, license, or certification.
  • If you want to provide a user guide or documentation or technical details document to your buyers alongside the product when they make a purchase.
  • There are times when you run a sale and provide your buyers with coupons that can be used offline (e.g. in your offline store, in a movie hall, in your brand’s local shop, and so on). For this, you can add certain conditions and allow redemption of the coupon in the user’s account or on a product page as the user fulfills the condition.
  • Custom e-greetings or digital products can be bundled to your store’s products using the WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin.
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