Features of WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO Plugin

For the big WooCommerce stores that have multiple products, categories, tags, user roles, and locations, the WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO plugin will be of great help. While the plugin has all the features listed above (for the free version), the premium version has the following extra features:

  • Attach files with various commonly-used file types, e.g. documents, JPG images, PDF files, video files, and so on.
  • Add details related to your attachments (name, description, etc.) and display those details in your shop for clarity. Each attachment has its own settings. 
  • Determine the user roles, for which, the product attachment(s) should be displayed.
  • Add different product attachments for variable products
  • Create bulk product attachment bundles and enable them for one or more products, variable products, categories, or tags.
  • Enable one or multiple product attachments for all products at once while excluding products, categories, or tags as per your store‚Äôs need.
  • Set external URL as well as file uploads as the attachment to the button added to the product page or account page through the WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin.
  • Order status(s), for which, the attachment should be displayed.
  • Set the expiry date for each attachment (file upload or external link) separately.
  • Choose the order status values, for which, the product attachment should be visible. A few example values are on-hold, in-process, pending-payment, purchased, refunded & canceled.
  • Enable or disable product attachment on the email related to the order/product being sent to the buyer/prospect.
  • Auto-expiry of product attachment in certain seconds/minutes/hours.
  • Set an action for the product attachment click.
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