Steps for Installing the Pro/Advanced Version

If you are already using a free version of WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin, you must be seeing an option to upgrade to the premium version from the plugin dashboard itself. Users may click on the given option in their dashboard and upgrade to the Pro Version by following the instructions given at every step.

However, you can also follow the systematic procedure mentioned-blow, as it works for all:

1.     Go to the WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin page using this link and look for the best subscription type and license for your website(s). Here is a quick guidance list for the same:

        a.     Subscription Type: You may choose an annual or lifetime subscription. The overall cost for these two will vary. While the annual subscription will require renewal every year, a lifetime subscription requires one-time payment only.

        b.    License Type: Plugin users may opt for a single-site, 5-site, or unlimited site (up to 25 sites) license, depending upon your requirement.

            Please note that you can upgrade or downgrade your license whenever needed.

2.     Once you have decided which choices you are going ahead with, make the selections, and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

3.     Now, in the recently-opened pop-up window, enter your email address, first name, last name, payment details, country name, etc. Rest assured that DotStore uses a Freemius-checked payment method for the process and you are totally secure while making this purchase.

4.     Once the payment is successful, you will get a link to downloading the plugin & signing up for the DotStore. You just need to follow the instructions given in the email and the plugin will be downloaded.

5.     Follow the steps mentioned in the previous section (i.e. steps for installing the free WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin.

6.     After the completion of the installation, go to your DotStore account and copy the activation key of your plugin.

7.     Now, go back to your WordPress site’s dashboard and click on ‘WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin’. The option must be in the menu bar of your dashboard on the side. There, you will see an option to insert an activation key. Paste the copied value here and proceed. It will activate your PRO plugin and you will be able to utilize the extended capabilities of it from now on.

You may navigate to Plugins > All Plugins and see the list of plugins. Your WooCommerce Product attachment Plugin must be listed here. If disabled by mistake, you can re-activate it from here. The WooCommerce plugin can also be disabled from here if needed.

To get started with leveraging the functionalities of this plugin and changing its settings as per your shop’s requirements, click on the plugin’s name that must have been added to your dashboard’s menu.

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