How to add product specific per quantity fee rules

About the Rule:

For the sellers, selling different types of a product having a different type of special products and want to add fee-based on specific products quantity purchased.

This is where this rule comes in handy.

It can be added when you want to apply a fee based on a special product/category per quantity-based rules.

How it works:

There are two types of rules you can apply per quantity-based rule.

1. Cart specific quantity rules:

If you want to add a per cart quantity-based fee then you can use this option.

For e.g.: If the cart quantity is 4 and you want $10 per quantity then it will add the $40 fee on the cart page.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Settings for Cart based)

Screenshot 2: (Extra Fees front side view)

2. Product-specific quantity rules:

If you have special products and only on those specific products/categories quantity you want to add fee then you can use this option.

For e.g.: If in the cart there is a special product like a Christmas cap and you only want to add a per Christmas cap quantity based fee then if in the cart these products quantity count and add per quantity based fee.

In the cart, there are Caps and Hoodie with Logo and if you have applied a $10 per Caps quantity-based fee then it will calculate 5 * 10 = $50.

Screenshot - 3: (Admin - Settings for the product based)

Screenshot 4: (Extra Fees front side view)