How to add product specific per quantity fee rules

About the Rule:

For the sellers, selling different types of a product having a different type of special products and want to add fee-based on specific products quantity purchased.

This is where this rule comes in handy.

It can be added when you want to apply a fee based on a special product/category per quantity-based rules.

How it works:

There are two types of rules you can apply per quantity-based rule.

1. Cart specific quantity rules:

If you want to add a per cart quantity-based fee then you can use this option.

For e.g.: If the cart quantity 10 and you want $5 per quantity then it will add the $50 fee on the cart page.

Screenshot - 1: (Admin - Settings for Cart based)

2. Product-specific quantity rules:

If you have special products and only on those specific products/categories quantity you want to add fee then you can use this option.

For e.g.: If in the cart there is a special product like a Christmas cap and you only want to add a per Christmas cap quantity based fee then if in the cart these products quantity count and add per quantity based fee.

In the cart, there are Hello Attachments and 2 Boy belts and if you have applied a $10 per Hello Attachments quantity-based fee then it will calculate 5 * 10 = $50.

Screenshot - 2: (Admin - Settings for the product based)

Screenshot - 3: ( Front - Christmas Cap considers as Hello Attachments)