Introduction of Product Attachment For WooCommerce

Make the most of downloadable/viewable attachments like user guides, quality certificates, technical descriptions to impress potential customers and drive informed decision-making.

Key Benefit of the plugins

  • Add as many attachments as you want
  • Use multiple file-formats including doc, JPG, Videos, and PDF
  • Add valuable information to Product pages
  • Create highly-targeted attachments
  • Create attachments based on the status of the order
  • Make use of any URL as an attachment
  • Make attachments stand out with the use of appealing icons
  • Save time by uploading attachments in bulk

About Product Attachment for WooCommerce Plugins

This WooCommerce plugin lets online shop owners add downloadable files to their product pages. You can add technical descriptions, user manuals, product images, certificates, licenses, how-to guides, warranty cards, and other such files to your products.

WooCommerce product attachment plugin enhances your store’s shopping experience by allowing you to add various kinds of files to customer orders. It accepts .doc, .jpg, video, and .pdf format. One or more files of different/same extensions can be attached to products using this plugin.

Not just for product pages but e-commerce business owners can enable attachments for the ‘my account’ page in the shop using this free plugin. So, special discount offers, documents, and deals can be added for a certain buyer account when he or she purchased something, or his/her account matches certain conditions.

If you want further more features, opt for the premium version of the WooCommerce product attachment plugin. It has additional capabilities, such as attachments for all products at once, attachments for variable products, external links with expiry dates, bulk product attachments for multiple products at once, bulk product attachments for a whole category or multiple categories at once. With it, product attachments can be enabled for tags, product statuses (i.e. on-hold, payment pending, processing, cancelled, failed, refunded, etc.)

With the WooCommerce Product Attachment PRO plugin, attachment icons, auto-expiry as per the date, email attachments, buttons for further actions, and user-role-specific product attachments can be enabled and disable too.

It supports WordPress 3.8 & higher and is compatible up to the latest WP version 5.5.x, PHP 7.4 and WooCommerce 4.5. Currently, version 1.6 of WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin is out and we will keep updating it frequently. It works well for all standard browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE10, and IE11. German, Fresh, Polish, Spanish, and English are the languages support by this product attachment plugin.

In your WooCommerce shop’s product page, a product attachment component created using this plugin will look like this:

Figure 1 - WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin on Deployment [See Guide Attachment Section for demo]

Please note that the sections created using the product attachment plugins will inherit the design properties of your theme and can be modified to an extent. Also, it will be fully-responsive and won’t need extra effort from your side.

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