Product specific shipping rule

About the Rule:

For the sellers, selling different types of a product having different properties, it is imperative to apply separate shipping charges for their products. This is where this rule comes in handy. 
It can be added when you want to apply a flat rate shipping fee based on the product, variable product, category, tag, or SKU.
Screenshot - 1: (Product specific rules)

How it works:
There are 4 types of product-specific rules you can create using this advanced plugin -
  • If the cart contains product: When you want a particular product (or products) to be charged with the flat rates you’re adding in your method, select this option. You may add one or more product names to this rule.
  • If the cart contains a variation product: Select this option when you want a particular variant of the product (or multiple variants) to be charged with the shipping fee specified in this method. You may add one or more variants for different products to this rule.
  • If the cart contains the category’s product: If you want to apply a specific shipping fee for the products of one or multiple categories, use this type of rule. You can select multiple categories while creating this rule.
  • If the cart contains the tag’s product: For the products belonging to different categories but needing similar arrangements for shipping, you can add the same tag to them and apply flat rate shipping rates as per the tag. Multiple tags can be added to a rule while creating a shipping rule.
If the cart contains SKU’s product: If you are willing to add a shipping fee for a particular SKU or a set of SKUs, use this option.
Example 1: Adding shipping rule for ‘Accessories’ category and ‘Kidswear’ sub-category

Screenshot - 2: (Category specific rules)

Product based shipping method

Adding Product-based Shipping Rule

Example 2:  if you have configured a $10 shipping charge for Happy Ninja, then when the cart contains Happy Ninja products this shipping method would be applied. 

It’ll be displayed only when the cart contains this product. No matter other products are in the cart or not. 

Screenshot - 4: (Product specific rules)

Screenshot - 5: (Front: Product specific shipping method)

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