How to manage large menu hierarchies in WordPress?

Adding a new item, dragging it to the top, etc., becomes a difficult operation when the website has hundreds of menu items. However, the Advance Menu Manager For WordPress plugin may help you manage these kinds of huge hierarchical menus more productively.

To easily manage large menu hierarchies, the plugin provides an expanding and collapsing functionality for child menu items. This allows the user to only view the top level menu items by default, and then expand specific items to view their child items as needed. This can help reduce clutter and make it easier for the user to find the specific item they are looking for.

There are two ways to expand and collapse child menu items, the first option is by clicking on the "Collapse" & "Expand" links. When you expand or collapse your child menu items with the help of this first option, It will expand & collapse all the child menu items from the menu.

If want to expand and collapse any specific menu's child items then you can use the second option. The second option is the minus (-) or plus (+) icon that will be available next to each parent menu item. By clicking this icon, you can only expand and collapse that specific menu's child items.

Screenshot - 1: (Expanding and collapsing child menu items)

Screenshot - 2: (Menu with collapsed child menu items)

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