How to set order attachments from the order edit screen?

When you edit any order from WooCommerce > Orders, You will find a feature called the "Add Attachment" which appears on the sidebar of the order edit screen.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Add Attachments on order edit screen)

Using this " Add attachment" feature, the admin can upload the attachments, and those attachments are visible to the customer in the order email when the admin change the order status to "Completed".

Screenshot 2: (Admin: Add attachments for customers)

To update the title of the admin order attachment section title navigate to Settings > Order Attachment Settings and go to the Admin Order Attachments Title option.

This title will assist your customers in quickly locating the order attachments if you, as the administrator, send any crucial papers, such as a discount offer, upon purchase completion.

Screenshot 3: (Admin: Set admin order attachment title)

Screenshot 4: (Oder attachments on email)

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