Order Attachment Settings

WooCommerce shop owners may choose from a variety of settings in this section on how the product attachments will work on the order attachment page.

Screenshot 1: (Admin: Order Attachment Settings)

Here are all the options described:

1. Order Details Page Tab Title

How to add the order details page title for your WooCommerce shop?

To add the phrase for the product attachment that you want to display on the order details page, you need to feel the related text adjacent to the ‘ Order Details Page Tab Title’ option, by navigating to the Settings > Order Attachment Setting section.

Key Benefit

The order details page generally contains the main details about the product. By including the attachment on this page, your WooCommerce store will help the buyer collect all product-related information in one place, enhancing the user experience.

Screenshot 2: (Admin: Set order details page tab title)

Screenshot 3: (Front: Order details page tab title)

2. Show attachments button on Orders listing Page

How to enable or disable the attachment button on the order listing page?

You may choose to enable or disable the attachments listing on the order details page just by clicking on the radio button placed before the desired option. 

This can be done by navigating to Settings > Order Attachment Settings and going to the Show Attachments Button on the Orders Listing Page option.

Key Benefit

Sometimes you want to make your order listing page extra-neat while in other instances, you might want to let your buyers see attachment buttons on the order listing page, in order to help them in getting enough information related to the product(s). Whatever the case, WooCommerce Product Attachment allows you to do both – as and when needed.

Screenshot 4: (Admin: Set attachment button visibility on order listing page)

When this option is enabled, it will add a new column as below on your order listing page to view the order attachments. 

Screenshot 5: (Front: Attachment button on order listing page)

This column name will be the same as your single product page tab title that you have set with help of the " Frontend Product Page Tab Title" option.

Screenshot 6: (Admin: Set attachment button column title)

3. Show attachment on order email

How to add attachments to the order email?

If you want to add the product attachment in the order details email too, you will have to select ‘Yes’ in this option. 

If you don’t want the attachment to be added to the order-related email being sent out, choose ‘No’.

Key Benefit

Emails related to product purchases are read carefully by customers. Also, people tend again and again refer to these emails whenever they need some help regarding the product. 

By adding attachments to the order email, WooCommerce store owners can impress their buyers, retain them, and reduce queries or product returns.

Screenshot 7: (Admin: Set attachments visibility in order emails)

Screenshot 8: (Front: Order email with product attachments)

4. Attachment List Position on Order details Page

How to specify the position of the attachment list on your order details page?

If you are using WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin, you may choose to display the product attachment above or below the order details by selecting the suitable radio-button here. 

For this, you will find an option named ‘ Attachment List Position on Order Details Page’ with radio buttons in the Order Attachment Settings section in the plugin settings tab.

Key Benefit

Emails related to your product orders could be filled with detailed descriptions and could be very short. Depending upon the length of your emails, you might want to change the position of the attachment list, making it easily accessible for buyers. WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin by DotStore lets you do that.

Screenshot 9: (Admin: Set attachments list position on order details page)

Screenshot 10: (Front: Before order attachments list position on order details page)

Screenshot 11: (Front: After order attachments list position on order details page)

5. Select to which status email the attachment as to be attached

How to specify which order status email the attachment is to be attached to

If you want to add the product attachments in a specific order status email then this feature will help you here. There are three statuses available to choose :- (1) Completed, (2) On Hold & (3) Processing.

Key Benefit

Emails related to product purchases are read carefully by customers. You can set some offer attachments on the order complete. In this way, you can draw your customers to new orders from your store.

Screenshot 12: (Admin: Select to which status email the attachment as to be attached)

When you check any of mentioned order status checkboxes, It will add attachments to that specified order status email only. For Example, here we have checked only the "Completed" option. So, it will add the attachments when the order status is completed.

Screenshot 13: (Front: Order completion email with attachments)

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